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10 Must-Dos While Sailing on Celebrity Reflection®


Mediterranean Modern Luxury Cruise will leave you cultured and refreshed.

Celebrity Reflection(r) is the definition of premium cruising. As Celebrity Cruises' newest ship, it boasts 11 distinctive restaurants featuring menus crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, stylishly spacious rooms, and even real grass to lounge on at The Lawn Club. Be sure to check out World Class Bar featuring an impressive list of craft cocktails shaken and stirred by master mixologists. Celebrity is the chicest way to travel at sea, while exploring stunning destinations. With an abundance of options, here are 10 must-dos on the 11-night, Best of Western Mediterranean Cruise.

Celebrity Cruises Reflection

1. Sip on sunset cocktails: When you leave Rome at 4 PM, you'll have the evening to enjoy cocktails and the stunning sunset at Sunset Bar, with a casual country club atmosphere and unbeatable ocean views.

Sunset Bar

2. Explore Italy like a local: In the morning, you'll arrive near Florence, Italy, where you'll have the day to explore Italy's Tuscan region and the birthplace of the Renaissance. If you want to stay closer to the ship, La Speiza offers many public gardens, the Ubaldo Formentini (Civic Museum in the Castle of San Giorgio), and make sure to have lunch at La Perla del Fortino, which serves up some of the freshest seafood in the world.

3. Experience a new take on sushi: Sushi on Five features a modern take on traditional japanese sushi favorites, including; fresh sashimi and hand-rolled sushi. The menu was created by chef, Yoshikazu Okada, a fourth-generation sushi chef. As a child, Yoshi studied the sea's bounty with his grandfathers: one a fisherman, one a fish-shop proprietor. Do yourself a favor and try the wasabi.


4. Take advantage of a beach day: The next day brings your travels to Nice (Villefranche). This is a coveted beach destination, so spend your time soaking in the sun and waves. Discover delicious local fare and refreshing drinks on the streets bordering the beaches.

5. Explore the streets of Spain: The following two days you'll be docked in Barcelona, one of the most romantic and entertaining cities in all of Spain. Don't be overwhelmed with the many options available here; pick a handful and then go forth and conquer. We're fans of the Gaudi Museum for a dose of culture, the local tapas at Euskal Etxea, and the urban culture on the Raval. Of course, make sure to try Barcelona's famed seafood--Rias de Galcia and Cachitos are outstanding.

6. Two words: Spa Day. You'll have a whole day at sea to rest up! What better way to relax then at Canyon Ranch Spa Club(r)? Restore serenity with one of their wellness and lifestyle programs.


Celebrity Cruises Canyon Ranch

7. See a new landmark for the first time: When you arrive in Gibraltar, you'll obviously want to check out the celebrated landmark, The Rock of Gibraltar. The city also offers active to-dos, like the Mediterranean Steps or a visit to St. Michael's Cave.

8. Take in a museum: Two days after departing Gibraltar, you'll find yourself in Cartagena, Spain. This port city and naval base has fascinating relics and remains to explore. Explore the Roman Theatre Museum and the Museo Naval.

9. Try something new in Ibiza: Once you arrive in Ibiza, you'll want to spend some of the day simply lounging by the crystal water. Though famous for its nightlife, the city also boasts wonderful yoga retreats you can enjoy. Check out Hot Yoga Ibiza--it will leave you totally rejuvenated.

10. Bask in the sun for your final day at sea: Up next, one full day at sea before you return to the port in Rome. Spend your last day at sea, with a relaxing itinerary. Take your time unwinding in the adults-only Solarium and then head to the top deck for dinner at the Lawn Club Grill, where you can grill your own steak at the Lawn Club Grill--or let the chef's impress you with their skills at the grill. Enjoy the ocean views on your last day at sea.


Book your 11-night stay aboard the Celebrity Reflection and experience modern luxury like never before.

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