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After Coming Out, Max Parker Explores 'Emmerdale' Character Sexuality

After Coming Out, Max Parker to Explore ‘Emmerdale’ Character's Sexuality

A new character on the show threatens to reveal unwelcome secrets from the past.

British actor Max Parker came out as gay last year and announced he was living off-screen with the actor cast as his on-screen brother in the hit British soap opera Emmerdale. And now, the show has confirmed it will explore the sexuality of Luke Posner, the character he plays on the show, according to multiple reports. Ethan Anderson, a new character played by Emile John, knows a lot about Posner's past and appears determined to reveal unwelcome secrets about the fan favorite character.

"There is definitely a familiarity between Ethan and Luke," John told media. "The way that it unravels, and the way that their relationship evolves, is sure to shock the viewers."

John describes Anderson as a righteous man who is willing to "confront who he needs to" in order to do the right thing.

"Let's just say that Luke isn't an exception to that rule," John revealed, adding sparks fly between the two characters from the first scene together.

"I feel like it definitely isn't how you'd expect their relationship to start, but all I can say is that people probably won't want to miss it."

Last year Parker and the Kris Mochrie, the actor portraying his fictional brother on Emmerdale, started dating after meeting on the set. It was the last day of filming for Mochrie and the pair hit it off almost immediately. Mochrie played Lee Posner, a serial rapist who was killed after raping the love interest of Parker's character. Mochrie introduced himself in passing on the set, but it was enough for Parker to quickly consult Tinder to confirm if the young actor was available. The pair kept in touch after Mochrie's departure from the series, and the two began dating not long after. Parker recently the pair are now living together.

"I feel comfortable now knowing that I am gay," Parker said at the time.

Parker's fictional persona is clearly not as comfortable with his own sexuality. According to John, Anderson believes in helping people learn about themselves and grow by confronting their shortcomings. He describes it as a "harsh method" that could "do a lot of damage" to the trust between Posner and his love interest, Victoria.

"It could do a lot of damage, but as far as what happens next, I guess we'll have to see," John teased.

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