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7 Fav Moments From the Last Season of Shameless 

7 Fav Moments From the Last Season of Shameless

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Ahead of the Shameless Season 7 premiere, we recount our favorite moments from Season 6. 

Shameless returns this Sunday with new episodes only on SHOWTIME, and we couldn't be more excited. The outrageous, insanely funny comedy series has always delivered LGBT representation with ginger heartthrob Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), making it one of the few shows out there to provide us with a multi-dimensional and central gay character. To get ourselves amped up for all the crazy that is sure to occur in Season 7, we're rehashing the top moments from Season 6, which are all available to stream on SHOWTIME.

1. Ian's New Boo


Out with the old, in with the new, we guess. Ian wasted no time landing a new and improved beau after his on-again-off-again boyfriend's 15-year prison sentence. A firefighter (UMF), Caleb is a direct antithesis to bad-boy Mickey: proud and out, works an honest 9-5, romantic, and mature. Our favorite thing about Caleb is how he pushes Ian to believe in himself and recognize his self-worth. Some of Season 6's most tender moments occurred between the two lovebirds: Caleb accompanying Ian to the clinic for his first-ever HIV test, helping Ian obtain his EMT license, and insisting on that weird, archaic thing called "a date."

From the get-go, Caleb and Ian accepted each other. Caleb doesn't bat an eyelash when Ian reveals to Caleb his previous stints as a go-go dancer and porn actor and neither does Ian when Caleb tells him about his HIV-positive status. The entire romance makes us want to linger by the firehouse and snatch up a six-foot-two fireman of our own.

2. Svetlana and V Get Married


Sometimes friends marry their friends so they don't get kicked out of the country, right? A brush with Immigration Services forced Svetlana to put together a shotgun wedding to her boss V so that she could obtain U.S. citizenship. The marriage started off as a lighthearted, friendly affair--but that didn't last too long. It was interesting to see V soon wrestle with her same-sex desires.

V and Svetlana's relationship rounds out Shameless' strong queer representation, providing a fresh portrayal of sexuality as fluid and same-sex attraction as not requiring an identity crisis or feelings of shame.

3. Carl's Vanilla Ice Phase


In Season 6, Carl went through a very interesting Iggy Azalea-esque identity crisis. As white as "The Sprinkler" dance move, Carl spent the first half of the season trying, trying, trying to convince his school crush that he was black. He even sported some very early-2000s Justin Timberlake cornrows and bribed his principal into complimenting Carl on being a "fine African-American member of the community" in front of her. Carl's oh-so brief thug life phase created as many LOL moments as WTF ones.

4. Debbie's Pregnancy


Debbie had a mission to become a mother at only 15--and homegirl accomplished it. Debbie's pregnancy journey stirred up a lot of feels. It was tough watching Fiona and Debbie collide as Fiona stepped massively into big sister mode and tried her hardest to convince Debbie to get an abortion (going so far as to send Debbie a text reading, #AbortionRules). But Debbie stuck to her guns. The only person in the Gallagher household Debbie found solace and support from, surprisingly, was her here-one-second-gone-the-next father Frank, played by the incomparably funny Emmy(r) Winner William H. Macy. Debbie went to all lengths necessary to find a way to support her and her unborn child, even working for a housewife with terminal cancer just so that she could have a place to stay. It was beautiful... and tough... to watch Debbie grow up so quickly in one season.

5. Frank's Hijinks

Frank keeps the laughs coming with his antics. In Season 6 he did everything from becoming the head of a hippie commune to educating his 15-year-old daughter on how to fully profit off of the welfare system. The season ended with Frank being thrown in a river by his family (who were officially over him after he ruined Fiona's wedding). I don't think anyone felt bad for him.

6. Ian and Mickey Say Goodbye


Season 6 started off with an official (and possibly permanent) farewell to one of the best on-screen gay couples EVER. Mickey was sentenced to 15 years in jail after attempting to murder someone and well... that would probably put a quick end to even the strongest of relationships. The most heartbreaking part was Mickey revealing a tattoo he gave himself while in jail of Ian's name, misspelled of course. Ah, love. Regardless of what our hearts may feel, Mickey's departure facilitated some pretty amazing character growth for Ian. So... maybe our favorite ginger is better off without our favorite bad boy.

7. Fiona Gets Ditched At the Altar


The season ended with Fiona ending up single yet again. With her second marriage, Fiona decided to go the traditional route and plan a simple wedding filled with a flower girl, thrifted wedding rings, and even a choreographed "first dance." But just before the I dos her father bursted in and revealed that he had seen Fiona's fiance, Sean, using drugs. It was heartbreaking to see Fiona have her hopes shattered yet again, but maybe in Season 7 Fiona will get it right? I mean...fifth times a charm, isn't it?

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