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6 Things We Want to Happen In the New Season of Shameless

6 Things We Want to Happen In the New Season of Shameless


As we look ahead to the rest of the new season, we anticipate all the things we want to happen on Shameless.  

Prepare yourself, the new season of Shameless is here, with new episodes only on SHOWTIME! Last season was a doozy: Debbie entered motherhood at 15, Lip was kicked out of college and forced into alcohol counseling, Ian snagged a sexy firefighter boyfriend. And that doesn't even begin to cover what happened in last night's premiere - available to stream only on SHOWTIME.

We're sure the writers and producers don't need any help, but we wanted to make a wish list of the top things we want to happen this season.

1. Ian Pulls Out His Gold Speedo Again

Once upon a time Ian was a go-go dancer at a gay club and... while we're super happy about him getting a big boy job now as an EMT worker...that doesn't mean he can't stop by the gay club every now and then for some fun.


2. Fiona Gets A New Man

Fiona seems to have a new boo every time you blink (you go, girl!), so it wouldn't be particularly surprising if she got over her ex-fiance Sean by snagging up a new man. It would just be nice if this dude didn't come with any major baggage...


3. Ian Keeps Growing Up

Last season Ian made miles of progress: he entered into arguably his first healthy same-sex relationship, obtained his EMT license, and underwent his first ever HIV test! It'd be super interesting to watch Ian push himself even further this season. Perhaps he could officially move out of the Gallagher household and get his first ever apartment? It'd be great to watch Ian try to obtain some sense of normalcy in his life, especially after all that he's been through. After that, the only real #adulting Ian has left do is opening up a 401K TBH.


4. Debbie's Journey Into Motherhood

The last time we saw Debbie she was tired and struggling to admit she needed help from her family raising her newborn. There was a particularly poignant moment when Debbie fell asleep and dropped Francis on the floor. In Season 7, it would be great to watch Fiona and Debbie finally find a middle-ground and see Debbie accept Fiona's help with raising Francis.


5. A New Major Queer Character

It would be fab to have another major queer character on the show. Perhaps Ian could make a major gay bestie this season? I mean, outside of dating guys and dancing in the gay club, we haven't really seen Ian interact with the gay world outside of a romantic context. So it would be great to see Ian create more varied, platonic queer relationships.


6. Mickey Makes A Comeback

Maybe Mickey could make one serious gesture of love and break out of jail and run back into Ian's arms? It'd be interesting to see Mickey's reaction to Ian's new, well-balanced life. Would it be a regression for Ian to see Mickey again? Yes. Would it warm our hearts? Yes.


The new season of Shameless airs Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT - Only on SHOWTIME. Need a refresher? Get SHOWTIME and start your 30-day free trial.

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