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BBC slammed for asking Andrew Scott wildly inappropriate questions about Barry Keoghan

How many different ways can you say "cringe?" Some have even called the questions homophobic.

Radio producer claims Jacob Elordi assaulted him after asking the actor for his bathwater

Fans are sticking up for the actor amidst a police investigation.

Jacob Elordi has the gays wishing they were his bathwater candle

The cultural impact of Saltburn continues to work in mysterious ways.

'Saltburn's Bathtub Scene Is Breaking Gen Z & We Can't Stop Laughing At Their Reaction

TikTokers are going viral reacting to Saltburn and we can't get enough!

Barry Keoghan Shows How Much Fun He Had With That 'Saltburn' Bathtub

The actor shared new behind-the-scenes pictures while filming Saltburn.

Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan Tease Kissing Each Other At 'Saltburn' Premiere

Fans are shaking in their boots after this moment at the red carpet premiere of Saltburn.

The New Image of 'Saltburn' Hottie Jacob Elordi Is Making Us Thirsty AF

Jacob Elordi has us DYING to see the new queer thriller!

Jacob Elordi Warns His 'Saltburn' Role Is Much Steamier & Scarier Than His 'Euphoria' One

Looks like our new toxic crush has arrived!