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Delve Into Dining and Drinks with The Six Pack's Ann Marie Del Bello

Delve Into Dining and Drinks with The Six Pack's Ann Marie Del Bello

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"Many of us are so dedicated to our craft. We want it all; we want to be stimulated by everything."

Passionate hospitality professional Ann Marie Del Bello has had her hand in everything from catering for the Olympics to growing a fast-paced, fluid bar team for local, seasonal-fare sourced New York restaurant Loring Place. Get the skinny on The Six Pack's master mixologist.

Q: What inspired your decision to work in the beverage and hospitality industry?
A: I went to the University of South Carolina. I started out like so many which was undecided. South Carolina actually has one of the best hospitality schools in the country. I walked into the college and I knew immediately that is where I needed to be. I had an incredible college experience that opened many doors.

Q: Your parents are teachers; how has that influenced your career pursuits?
A: It's funny, numerous people I went to high school with became teachers. I was surrounded. I of course wanted to be different. As time passes, you start to really look at yourself and realize how much you are like your parents... You can't help it.

Q: Tells us about your favorite event you've worked.
A: I worked the Beijing Olympics, catering on the Olympic Grounds. One of the best experiences of my life.

Q: Whats your favorite cocktail right now?
A: Bamboo. It's a cocktail that has sherry, vermouth, and bitters. Sherry and Vermouth are two categories that are misunderstood and underrated. I always to try shed light on these.

Q: Whats the most popular item you currently make?
A: Our most popular item is the spicy cucumber margarita. All things people love: spicy, cucumber and tequila.

Q: If you were at home with a fully stocked bar, what drink would you make yourself this evening?
A: I tend not to drink at home, but if I was alone, a big glass of sweet tea. If I was with friends, sweet tea or sherry or champagne.

Q: What would you like to change most about the bartending world?
A: More collaborations with food, wine, hospitality.

Q: You're now working as a beverage manager at Loring Place. What was the impetus behind transitioning from ABC Cocina?
A: The chef.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What's next for Ann Marie?
A: Happy, surrounded by those I love. Experiencing all that is available to me... Being present.

Q: What part do you play in the LGBTQ community?
A: This I am quite proud of--I am the pitcher on a lesbian softball league, six years strong. Beyond that, I am who I am, my friends are from all different backgrounds. I am a proud lesbian, but I am a proud female, proud daughter, proud sister, proud aunt, proud friend, proud employee. My sexual preference does not define me, but rather it is just a part like the lime in the margarita.

Find out more about Ann Marie in the third episode of The Six Pack, presented by Coors Light.

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