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Deep Eddy

The Betty's Premium Drag Pageant: Alexis Michelle

The Betty's Premium Drag Pageant: Alexis Michelle

Deep Eddy Betty Pageant Alexis Michelle

Get to Know Deep Eddy Betty Alexis Michelle


What was your inspiration to start doing drag?

I was very influenced by the great movie musicals when I was a kid. My Fair Lady,The Sound of Music, even Grease and Annie. These powerhouse women made me want to step into those shoes, literally. And in addition, the style, the Old Hollywood glamour has always been at the front of my inspiration for drag.

What was your aesthetic when you first started, and how did it evolve into your trademark look today?

I wouldn't necessarily say that I was nailing it back then. The inspiration may have been there, but I don't know if I was achieving it. I would say that in the early days, my aesthetic was very soft, natural woman. I probably thought I was in very high drag, but I look at old pictures now and I'm like, "where's the makeup, girl?" Now I would say I'm still always going for that feminine vibe, but it's definitely drag now, you know? There's more make up, different hair, thicker curves--the volume's turned way up.

Obviously time brings about evolution if you keep working on your craft, but I'm also totally influenc

ed by drag that I see all over the world, whether it's following queens all over the world on Instagram, or even being on tour with a few of my sisters. I'd say Farrah Moan had the most profound effect and impact on my current face.

When you're out with friends, what's your go-to vodka cocktail?

I actually, genuinely love the Moscow mule, so I was actually so happy to be able to create the Austin Mule with Deep Eddy, but that being said, I tend to gravitate to refreshing and citrus before anything that's too sweet.


What about when you're hosting? What's your favorite vodka cocktail to make for friends?

When I'm having people over for dinner, especially in the summer, I love to add something bitter to a vodka cocktail--maybe even a splash of aperitif--along with fresh citrus.

How about Sunday Funday? Where are your favorite spots to go out and do daytime drag with friends?

I would say that my favorite place to do daytime drag is during NYC Pride--hanging out on the streets for the march with all of the glorious people celebrating Pride.

Do you ever channel old-school, '30s-'50s, pin-up Betty looks when you perform? If so, what kind of Betty would you say you are?

Oh, totally. I mean, I consider that to be Old Hollywood. Everyone knows I love a finger wave. I'm would say that I'm equal parts channeling Old Hollywood and pin-up vibes in my looks. I would

say the kind of Betty I am is equal parts classy cocktail party and sexy bondage room. For reference, see my music video "Lovefool."

Where would we find your Betty out on a friday night?

On a Friday night, you can find me dining al fresco and enjoying a refreshing cocktail with friends, or twirling around NYC, checking out some of our ferocious local drag artists.

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Tell us about the inspiration behind your dragged out, Deep Eddy cocktail?

I wanted to make sure that this mule was totally ready for Pride, so she had to have all of the queen essentials: a wig, glitter, and accessories... "Never forget your earrings."


How does your cocktail represent a part of you?

I would say my cocktail represents me because it's intoxicating, has deep ginger roots--and its a mule, and I have a big ass.

There are so many great celebrations going on for pride this year. How will you be celebrating?

I'll be celebrating on a float in the NYC Pride march, blowing as many kisses as I can and soaking up all the love.

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