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Pride 2019 Goals: Celebrity Cruises’ Largest Pride Party at Sea 

Pride 2019 Goals: Celebrity Cruises’ Largest Pride Party at Sea

Celebrity Cruises Largest Pride Party at Sea Adam Rippon LGBTQ Cruise

Seafaring LGBTQ+ adventurers take note.

Aboard nine ships across the globe--from the glistening shores of Rome, to the crystal clear waters of the Caymans and the glacial beauty of the Alaskan Pacific--Celebrity Cruises hosted its second annual Largest Pride Party At Sea on June 5. The party spanned the cruise line's entire fleet of ships outside of the Galapagos, culminating in a truly global, unified LGBTQ+ seaside celebration.


We caught up with Celebrity Cruises Chief Marketing Officer Peter Giorgi to get the lowdown on festivities, notable (Olympian) guest appearances, and all the dazzling amenities aboard Celebrity -- and info on how to book next year.

OUT: Run us through the lineup for this year's Largest Pride Party at Sea. How did Celebrity celebrate?

Giorgi: The Official Flag Raising Ceremony on board our ships is the exciting beginning to our pride festivities hosted on each Celebrity Cruises vessel. The Cruise Director, along with other members of the senior management team on board, led the symbolic raising of the flag, signifying Celebrity's commitment to the importance of diversity on our ships and the strength of our continued partnership with the LGBTQ+ community.


After the Flag Raising Ceremony, we kicked up the energy with our Full Moon Pride Party. This party is an on-board concert and immersive entertainment experience celebrating diversity, individuality, and the vitality and energy embodied in the Pride Flag. Picture a poolside night of full of wonder and delight featuring live musicians, DJs and pop-up performances. Guests can dance the night away in celebration of Pride, or simply unwind and take in the amazing vista of stars.

This year we mixed it up a bit and we also be hosted our first-ever pride parade at sea onboard each ship to kick-off the party.

We hear two of our favorite out Olympians, Johnny Weir and Adam Rippon, served as ambassadors for the Pride Party. How did they celebrate?

We're so excited to have had Johnny Weir and Adam Rippon serving as ambassadors for this year's Pride Party at Sea. We're huge fans of theirs here at Celebrity Cruises, both as athletes and activists.Largest-pride-party-inbody2

Adam joined us onboard the beautiful Celebrity Summit and attended the party, while Johnny recorded a special message for our guests that aired across our fleet during the festivities.

Tell us about some of the amenities LGBTQ+ guests love. What can Out Travelers expect to take away from a Celebrity Cruises voyage?

Celebrity Cruises has a lot to offer LGBTQ+ travelers. First, just an overall brilliant experience; we're winning awards left and right - some even from LGBTQ+ publications - for everything from our dining to our accommodations to our world-opening itineraries. On top of that, we also host weekly parties every sailing that are specifically geared toward our LGBTQ+ guests.

Oh, and we also remain the only major American cruise line to offer legal same-sex marriages on-board while at sea.

What's the best way to book with Celebrity Cruises for Pride month, or beyond?

Aspiring travelers looking to get on board with Celebrity Cruises should visit our website -- -- call us at 866-225-6450, or call their local travel agent to book their cruise.

Get on-board the party with Celebrity Cruises at #PridePartyAtSea for pictures, videos, and more.

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