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Absolut Champions Equality With Breathtaking New Video

Absolut Champions Equality With Breathtaking New Video

Absolut Vodka

Absolut demonstrates its dedication to the pursuit of a global acceptance of equal love.

Absolut just released a short film, and we're totally smitten.

The two-minute advert titled "Equal Love" follows an everlasting kiss as it wanders from lip to lip embracing diversity and love without prejudice. The film, directed by Aoife McArdle, provides a glimpse of Absolut's upcoming "Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight" platform. And, this short film represents Absolut's continuing commitment to fighting for equality.

While the video is incredibly powerful, it's Absolut's dedication to defending equality that truly shines. In the video's description, the brand made its position on equal love abundantly clear, and even defended fended off trolls in the comments.

At Absolut, we truly believe that a more open world, without labels, where people freely can express their individuality, love and diversity, will be a better place for all of us. We also believe in freedom of speech, which means that we respect the right of others to express their views -- also when we do not agree. However, in our channels we want a language that is polite and respectful. Any comments with rants, offensive language, insults and name-calling will be deleted.

In a press release, Gaia Gilardini, Absolut's Global Communications Director, revealed that progressiveness has been part of the brand's core since its inception.

"A pioneer for human rights in his time, LO Smith [the founder of Absolut] rooted his passion for progression deep in the brand and over 135 years later, freedom of expression, progress and openness are at the core of everything we do. 'Equal Love' continues this legacy by showcasing the kiss as a universal symbol for acceptance and love," stated Gilardini.

Watch the Absolut's "Equal Love" below.

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