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The World’s Oldest Male Strip Club and Live Gay Porn Performance Theater is Closing

The World’s Oldest Male Strip Club is Closing

Located in the heart of San Francisco, the world’s oldest male strip club and live gay porn performance theater will be shutting its doors on August 19. For over four decades, The Nob Hill Theatre was the spot for clubbing, strip shows, and numerous porn shoots. It is currently the last male strip club in all of San Francisco.

When asked by The Bay Area Reporter what it feels like to be the pinnacle of live porn performances, owners Gary Luce and Larry Hoover answered:

"Just the fact that the Nob Hill Theatre was the last live gay porn performance theatre in San Francisco made it one of a kind. We really tried to book the 'top of the line' most-popular porn stars and to pair them with other porn stars for the hottest connections that we could arrange. Add to that mix our local house performers who performed every day. We've always tried to keep it fresh, interesting and new. Performance-wise, that was the key to our success.”

RIP Nob Hill Theatre.

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