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An Ab Fab Herstory Lesson: Why You NEED to See Patsy & Eddy In Theaters

An Ab Fab Herstory Lesson: Why You NEED to See Patsy & Eddy In Theaters

ab fab
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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie falls out of a car and into theaters July 22.

Absolutely Fabulous is a comedic institution and has been almost from its very first episode, "Fashion", which premiered 24 years ago on the BBC. Audiences immediately fell for the boozed up and drugged up shenanigans of eternal BFFs Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley).

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Ab Fab: The Movie may be the dynamically disastrous duo's last hurrah, especially considering the pace at which creator Jennifer Saunders prefers to work. "You keep meeting people and they keep enjoying it, but it was Joanna Lumley who finally forced me into it," says Saunders, who would much rather sweep her terrace than sit down to write. "She put it very simply, and very brilliantly. She simply said 'You must write it, darling. Otherwise we will all be dead and we won't have made the film.'"

The movie follows Edina, whose PR career has hit the skids, and Patsy, somehow still a successful magazine editor, as they're invited to a major fashion event. An overzealous Eddy takes a chance to sign Kate Moss, currently between representation, a little too far, accidentally pushing the supermodel into the river Thames. Escaping the paparazzi and in search of wealthy husbands, Eddy and Patsy flee to the French Riviera. The playground of the filthy rich (unsurprisingly) agrees with the two high society pariahs, who hatch a scheme to make their escape permanent.

It's Eddy and Patsy's gutsy, glamorous lives, devotion to debauchery, and ribald resolution to be themselves at all costs that has particularly appealed to LGBT audiences, while Ab Fab simultaneously has embraced LGBT characters and issues. So when the film announced they were casting an army of drag queens, an army of drag queens--such as UK gurls Jodie Harsh and La Voix, as well as some RuPaul's Drag Race alums--turned up and turned out, tucked and ready for anything.

The show's popularity, much like Patsy's hangover, has not waned in over two decades, thanks to intermittent comeback seasons, multiple specials, and a cult-like following. Now, Pats and Eddy are back for one last cinematic hurrah. Featuring a champagne-soaked limousine full of cameos from Moss, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stella McCartney, and many others, as well as some familiar faces, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is a love letter to fans of the show, both old and new.

But for new fans perhaps unaware of Patsy and Eddy's influence on the gays, and very much vice versa, we have a short herstory lesson. Below, check out five of Ab Fab's gayest and greatest moments.

Justin and Oliver

ab fab justin oliver

Justin is Eddy's second ex-husband and the father of her defiantly frumpy daughter Saffy. After he and Eddy divorced, Justin came out as gay and started seeing Oliver, with whom he owns an antique shop. Justin and Eddy's relationship remains strained, though they do their best to put on a brave front for Saffy's sake.

ab fab justin oliver

To varying degrees of success.

Fists Across America

ab fab fists across america

In a last ditch effort to please one of her few remaining clients, the erstwhile supermodel Twiggy, Edina persuades her to be the face of a new radical gay rights campaign Fists Across America, whose brilliant tagline is "We're Not Taking It Lying Down Anymore."


serge ab fab

Serge is Edina's beloved, oft-mentioned but never seen son from her first marriage. In the 2002 special "Gay" we finally get to meet Serge when Edina and Patsy head to New York where Serge has been living. Turns out Serge is as frumpy as Saffy, but at least he's gay, which is all Edina wanted anyway.


Why else would she "blast my belly with Donna Summer for nine months" and have her hairdresser "lay hands" on him? Though Eddy was disappointed by how boring Serge is, she at least gets a souvenir from her New York trip: another gay son.


She adopts Martin, Serge's suitably flamboyant boyfriend.

Patsy's Temporary Transition

patsy trans ab fab

In a recent interview with V Magazine, Joanna Lumley "revealed" that Patsy is transgender. Of course, that's something of an open secret for devotees of the series, who may remember that back in the '60s, Patsy underwent a little makeover and lived briefly as a man. Very briefly.

patsy trans ab fab

Still, "Pat" seems to have left an impression on Serge.

ab fab serge pat

Maybe not a good impression, but then again, Patsy Stone has never left a good impression on anyone.

Patsy and Eddy Make It Official

patsy eddy wedding

In order to obtain information on Serge's whereabouts, Pats and Eddy pose as a lesbian couple and get married by Goldie--played by none other than EGOT'er and noted ally Whoopi Goldberg--a counselor at GUFF (Gays Uniting Friends and Family), an LGBT drop-in center where Serge volunteers. It's all very impromptu and informal, though the movie ups the ante with a more traditional ceremony.

absolutely fabulous trailer

And Patsy gets back in touch with her masculine side. Will it be happily ever after? It has to be, right? After all, if any two people were made for each other, it's Edina and Patsy.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie hits theaters this Friday, July 22!

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