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Zendaya Defends 'Gay Dudes' on Twitter

Zendaya Defends 'Gay Dudes' on Twitter


She may have just proven that 'gay' is no longer an insult.

Snapchat's filters are getting a little out of hand. Back in October, it was ghost-face. Now there's one where you can turn yourself into a dog. The most ridiculous was probably the Leo face leading up to his highly anticipated Oscar win.

That's why it's completely understandable to be annoyed when you get one of these photos in the story of some celeb you follow (especially if it's more than three seconds per photo). But Zendaya's recent selfie with the flower crown filter elicited an unwelcome Tweet from a follower:

I mean, he's not wrong. And while he may have not meant it as an insult at all as she is totally serving some Naomi Smalls realness in this photo, she came to the defense of us "gay dudes" in her response:

I mean, she's not wrong either. That's how it's done, sweeties.

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