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Man with Two Penises Publishes Memoir

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"Sex is never boring for me," he writes.

The man with two penises, otherwise known as Diphallic Dude, has recently published his second memoir titled Double Stuffed: Steamy Tales From My Life With Two Penises. The first memoir he wrote, Double Header: My Life With Two Penises, deals with the endeavors he faced growing up with two penises, coming to terms with his bisexuality, and of course, his sex life.

"The biggest complaint I got about the first book was that it was too short and didn't include enough sex," Dude told Rolling Stone.

The second eBook is said to describe sexual encounters with men and women. Stories ranging from encounters in airplanes and car washes to prolapsed anuses are discussed in the memoir. Some of his favorites include a hitchhiker he met during his travels and a girl he met at a comic book store. "Both of them were extremely sexual, extremely open-minded and each was extremely proud of their sexual appetites and the capabilities of their bodies," Dude said.

Dude has faced some disappointment due to a recent episode of 2 Broke Girls titled "And Not the Regular Down There." The episode's plot rips from reddit posts Dude has made in the past, and doesn't portray him in the best light.

"As the episode played out, I felt like I was really connecting with the situation. It was like a day in my life. It wasn't until the episode was over with that I started feeling really crummy about it. I realized that the reason I connected with it is because everything that happened in the episode was pretty much a rip-off of most of the things I've posted on Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter. The next day I was on the line with my attorney regarding something unrelated when I told her what I'd seen and she admitted she'd seen it too and it was obvious that the writers had been stalking my social media."

The episode parodies Dude's life through a character that has two penises. Characters on the show poke fun at the man, eventually causing him to break up with one of the girls for betraying his trust. But though the episode was distasteful to Dude, it's never stopped him from having sex with different people.

"Sex is never boring for me. Typically, the reaction and reception of the individual I'm with in the moment tends to heighten the arousal level. There are always timid people but there are also people who go crazy for what I can do. It's difficult to put into words, but I think it's best explained by saying that I love sex, but I love it even more when my partner is absolutely wild about what I've got."

Dude plans on adapting his stories into a comic book. Surprise surprise, DoubleDickDude is currently the working title of the series.

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