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WATCH: Chris Pratt Runs in Heels Like a Champ

WATCH: Chris Pratt Runs in Heels Like a Champ

pratt heels

A dainty champ, but a champ nonetheless.

The stars of Jurassic World stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden and it quickly turned into the opening cermonies of the Draglympics.

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Bryce Dallas Howard heroically runs through the entire movie in high heels -- I'm assuming because she's a friggin' lady, thank you, or the writers just super hate women. Either way, resident hunk next door Chris Pratt commended BDH for never even once rolling an ankle whilst running through the jungle from prehistoric beasts that somehow managed to escape a fourth time.

Corden then asked Pratt if he had ever run in heels but sadly he's never been able to find a pair in his size. After a quick trip to Payless, Corden pulled out some bright reed pumps and next thing you know Chris Pratt is floating across the room like Ginger Goddamn Rogers.

pratt heels


If only he had traded in that motorcycle for a pair of slingbacks, Jurrasic World would've been a different movie. A better movie.

Check out Chris Pratt in Swing Time below:

Les Fabian Brathwaite -- Swing Time was a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie, kids.

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