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This Retired Gay Porn Star Is Running for Mayor in a Small Spanish Village

He’ll face off against the current mayor in May.

Pres. Joe Biden Sends Message of Support on Trans Day of Visibility

"We’ll never stop working to create a world where you won’t have to be brave just to be yourself.”

Anti-LGBTQ+ Politician Caught Commenting on Gay Man's Sexy Instagram Pics

Tennessee's Lt. Governor Randy McNally has supported the state's recent anti-drag and anti-trans bills.

'Dragula's Meatball Delivers Hilarious George Santos Drag Performance

There’s even a transformation reveal from George Santos to Kitara Ravache!

Social Media Posts Claim George Santos Used to Be a Drag Performer

The embattled Republican congressman went by the stage name Kitara Ravache, according to some posts on social media.

This Local Politician Got Video-Bombed By a Half-Naked Hunk

Things got a little heated for Pima County Board Supervisor Matt Heinz during a recent Zoom call...

Pete Buttigieg Claps Back At Fox News For Questioning Husband's Travel

“I guess the question on my mind is, why is it any different when it’s me and my husband?” he told Fox's Bret Baier.

Gay California Congressman Will Swear-In with Superman #1 Comic Book

The iconic comic book is on loan from the Library of Congress to newly-elected out politician Robert Garcia.

Vicky Hartzler's Gay Nephew Claps Back at Plea Against Gay Marriage

You’re just gonna have to learn to coexist with all of us, Aunt Vicky.

GOP Congresswoman Tearfully Begs Colleagues to Rebuke Gay Marriage

Missouri Republican Vicky Hartzler pushed to preserve “traditional” marriage.

GOPer Attended Gay Son's Wedding, Voted Against Gay Marriage (Twice)

Rep. Glenn Thompson, who is the father of a gay son, voted against a bill protecting same-sex marriage for the second time on Thursday.

Here's Why Bombae Couldn't Play Justin Trudeau For Snatch Game

Trudeau becomes the first active world leader to appear on Drag Race.

5 Major LGBTQ+ Wins Happened During the 2022 Midterm Elections

A handful of LGBTQ+ victories happened during this year's midterms — including the election of the United States' first out lesbian governor!

J.K. Rowling Scrambles After Putin Defends Her Against Cancel Culture

The Harry Potter author basically said, “I’m a transphobe, but not that kind of transphobe.”

How 'Licorice Pizza' Brought a Gay LA Political Leader's Story to Life

Out chats with actress Alana Haim about the queer representation in Paul Thomas Anderson's newest coming-of-age film!

Out100 Cover Star Gov. Jared Polis: The Gay Gamer Making History

Colorado’s governor, Jared Polis, fights for LGBTQ+ equality — and he slays in multiplayer mode too.

The Trailer for Pete Buttigieg's New Documentary Is Finally Here

Mayor Pete packs plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of life as an out gay presidential candidate and husband.

Justin Trudeau Got His Tongue Tied While Trying to Say 'LGBTQ2+'

The Canadian Prime Minister got a little bit tongue-tied while defending his record of fighting against conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth.

Pete & Chasten Buttigieg Are Going to Be Daddies!

The one-time presidential hopeful and his hubby are on the road to fatherhood!