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Out100: Ryan O'Connell


Photography by Ryan Pfluger at his home in West Hollywood on August 19, 2015. Styling by Alison Brooks. Sweater by Tommy Hilfiger. Jeans by H&M. Sneakers by Kenneth Cole.

“I guess I’m totally screwed in 2016 because 2015 was so damn great,” says Ryan O’Connell, one of the year’s most honest and refreshing LGBT voices. This past June, O’Connell released his memoir, I’m Special, in which he comically but poignantly documents his experiences as a gay man living with cerebral palsy, and he’s already started developing a TV series based on the book with his mentor, Jim Parsons. “I hope to challenge the ideas of beauty in gay culture,” he says. “Putting a gay disabled character on TV is my number one dream.” 

SLIDESHOW | Out100 2015

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