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Naiymah A. Sanchez
Photo by Kriston Bethel

Naiymah A. Sanchez

Naiymah A. Sanchez

Naiymah A. Sanchez

Meet one of the artists, disruptors, educators, groundbreakers, innovators, and storytellers who all helped make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people.

Naiymah A. Sanchez has made it her mission to support trans people living in the Philadelphia area. In 2017 she joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania as a trans justice organizer, where she works to build community liberation, address the causes of intersectional oppression, and build political power to protect and preserve LGBTQ+ rights.

“Things are happening ever so fast as we experience anti-LGBTQ+ legislation taking priority by elected officials. We are always on high alert, waiting for the next attack,” says Sanchez.

But this isn’t her first time fighting for the trans community. Before coming to the ACLU, Sanchez spent five years as coordinator of the Trans-Health Information Project, where she provided education and advocacy services to transgender people in Philadelphia. Since 2015 Sanchez has also worked to help the city’s prison system become more compliant with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal law designed to stop the sexual assault of prisoners.

In the future, Sanchez seeks to continue supporting her community by opening her own nonprofit organization. “I want to continue this work toward community liberation without the limitations of traditional nonprofit politics,” says Sanchez. She also plans to run for office one day.

“We all deserve equal rights and, if nothing more, to be treated with dignity and respect,” says Sanchez. “We must stop singling our loved ones and community members out because our experiences differ.”

“If we look at our many similar experiences, we will see that we are no different from one another and can finally move toward the equity we are fighting to secure,” adds Sanchez. “LGBQT+ rights are human rights. Love has no boundaries.” @therealnaiymah


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