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Paul Gauger
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Paul Gauger

Paul Gauger

Meet one of the artists, disruptors, educators, groundbreakers, innovators, and storytellers who all helped make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people.

Paul Gauger is VisitBritain’s executive vice president, the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. He has a job both fun and challenging, where he convinces the western hemisphere to vacation in the United Kingdom.

Adding to Gauger’s professional fulfillment is his corresponding role as VisitBritain’s global lead on LGBTQ+ tourism. Nearly a decade ago, Gauger spearheaded the campaign Love is GREAT Britain, which promoted the region to queer visitors after marriage equality was legalized there. A new version of the campaign, GREAT Love, launched this year at Sydney WorldPride.

“GREAT Love is the British government’s campaign promoting the U.K.’s values of inclusivity, diversity, and freedom,” Gauger says. “The tourism elements showcase the warm welcome of a modern U.K. through the eyes of LGBTQIA+ storytellers.”

Born in Britain, raised in Australia, and now residing in New York, Gauger has not only witnessed the travel industry’s relationship with the queer community evolve — he’s helped institute that change.

“I’ve always championed the LGBTQIA+ traveler and in the beginning, I found that some people questioned why we would need to reach this audience or why the way we target a LGBTQIA traveler would be different,” Gauger says. “In those early years, it was less prevalent to see specific marketing campaigns with a same-sex couple, so there were some who were resistant, but persistence and education helps people understand why it was important to show all walks of life.” @paulgauger


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