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Out100: Jonny Beauchamp

Barefoot Bubbly


Photography by Ryan Pfluger at Tribeca Journal Studio, New York, on October 5, 2015. Styling by Michael Cook. Groomer: Dallin James AT The Wall Group. Shirt and pants by Gucci.

“I believe, inside, we’re all more alike than different,” says Jonny Beauchamp, a budding star whose steadfast humanism has made him unafraid to chase parts that would scare off many of his peers. To date, the Bronx native’s three major roles have been those of a trans courtesan (Showtime’s Penny Dreadful), a fiery drag queen (the forthcoming Thirsty), and an androgynous gay hustler (the Roland Emmerich drama Stonewall). Slamming the last performance out of the park with fierce poignancy, Beauchamp is among a select few representing a new kind of ingenue—one with undeniable promise who starts his career with his queerness on the table.

SLIDESHOW | Out100 2015

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