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Out100: Bamby Salcedo


Photography by Ryan Pfluger in Los Angeles on September 28, 2015. Styling and makeup by Johanna Saavedra.

Activist and organizer Bamby Salcedo had some things that many in her trans Latina community do not: a job, health insurance, benefits, a car. And yet she decided to leave her work at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles behind this year. It was a good job, she says, but it conflicted with her need to “be the activist that I am, and do direct action.” Salcedo, who is founder and president of the [email protected] Coalition, is next launching the Center for Violence Prevention and Transgender Wellness, which will challenge institutions — including the government and law enforcement — to set better policy, and promote the professional and economic development of trans people. “Understanding our power as individuals and as a community, we will be able to make the changes we need for trans people to have a better quality of life.”

SLIDESHOW | Out100 2015

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