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OUT on the Water in Key West
The Florida Keys

OUT On The Water in Key West

OUT On The Water in Key West

Soak up the sun with Kit Williamson, John Halbach and their friends in this stunning island paradise.

5 Out Travelers. 1 Gorgeous Destination. This is OUT in Key West.

Last year, OUT sent newlyweds Kit Williamson and John Halbach on a romantic getaway to our favorite gay mecca. This year, the pair are back in Key West, and they brought some friends. Join Kit and John with their pals, Adrian Anchondo, Stephanie Frosch, and Anna Campbell for some glorious Florida sunshine, island adventure, and endless Key Lime Pie. Follow along as Kit, John, Adrian, Stephanie, and Anna take you OUT in Key West.

Whether you're looking for adventure, education, thrills, or relaxation, there's a once in a lifetime experience waiting for you on the water in Key West. From kayaking through the wild mangroves to soaking in Key West's infamous sunsets, there are so many ways to get out on the water in Key West. Here are a few of our favorites.


Danger Charters is available to take you out on the water for day trips with kayaking and snorkeling, sunset cruises, weddings, and fishing trips.

Stephanie's Tip: Finish your incredible day with wine tasting while overlooking a beautiful sunset on the water. The only thing "dangerous" about this cruise is overeating all of the delicious snacks they provide to complement each wine you are tasting.

John's Tip: The sunsets in Key West are breathtaking and there is no better spot to see them than out on the water. Danger Charters is definitely serving pirate ship realness, but don't let the "Danger" in their name scare you. The crew was great and gave us a very safe, smooth ride on the crystal clear blue water.

Kit's Tip: Wine lovers, take note: this is the perfect tour for you. On the cruise, the awesome crew will serve eight different wines, usually four red, three white, and one sparkling. They do an amazing job explaining the different varietals, where they come from, and what they pair well with. There are also lovely hors d'oeuvres on board, making this the perfect pre-dinner cocktail party out on the sea with the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen.


Honest Eco Tours' mission is to provide amazing wildlife experiences, help foster conservation, and inspire others to make decisions that include the good of the environment.

Stephanie's Tip: Learn about the incredible contributions the mangrove trees have on the Florida Key's environment. Even if you've never kayaked before, our tour guide made our rowing experience a breeze!

Kit's Tip: Being out on the water in Key West is an unforgettable experience. We took a four-and-a-half-hour cruise that included kayaking and snorkeling. Captain Ange did an amazing job explaining the history and ecosystem of the area, and was so fun to hang out with too!

John's Tip: Key West is so beautiful, you're going to want to take pictures wherever you go, and Eco Tours is no exception. If you're able to bring a GoPro in a water proof case, you can get some awesome underwater footage while you're snorkeling. If not, make sure you bring a Ziploc bag to keep your phone safe on your kayak!

Find all this and more waiting for you out in Key West. Plan your adventure here, and streamline your travel by flying directly to Key West International Airport from a variety of connecting cities, including Newark, NJ, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, and more.

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