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Out100: Nate Silver

Out100: Nate Silver

Photography by Danielle Levitt

Silver has always been a dreamer. “In fifth grade we wrote biographies of ourselves in the future,” he recalls. “I was quite full of myself; I became baseball commissioner.” Lately, the writer- slash-statistician has been pouring much of his time, energy, and superhuman analytical skills into relaunching FiveThirtyEight, his website dedicated to data-driven reporting. After a celebrated association with The New York Times—where his 2012 election forecasts were catnip for political junkies—he has now partnered with ESPN. In vintage fashion, he’s dreaming big. “Politics and sports are our bread and butter, but I read a column by someone who’s looking at the mathematics of beer,” he says. “It’s a big world out there.”

Photographed at Fast Ashley’s Studio in Brooklyn, N.Y., on September 5, 2013


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