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How to Make Your Pride Celebration a Sensation

How to Make Your Pride Celebration a Sensation

Sense8 Pride 3

Follow these four simple steps and celebrate Pride like a Sensate.

Netflix's quintessential queer show Sense8 consistently celebrates individuality and reinforces the importance of Pride events. And, the Sensates know a thing or two about Pride. In a pivotal moment in season 2, Lito Hernandez is invited to serve as the Grand Marshall of Sao Paulo Pride in Brazil, which happens to be one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world. Anxious over how being openly gay will affect his life and career, Lito nervously accepts the offer. Nerves quickly turn to joy as he addresses the crowd. "I'm gay!" he shouts gleefully. As a sea of people cheer in support, he embraces the label for the first time and demonstrates the power of Pride.


With Pride season officially upon us, take a page from Lito's playbook and get ready to make your celebration a sensation. To help you make your Pride celebration a success, consider this step-by-step guide, inspired by festivals from around the world.

Step One: Join the festivities, even if you don't live in a major city.

The first step to making your Pride season a success is going in on the celebration. Even if you don't live in a major city like San Francisco or New York, find out if your local community is having a festival and see if there are any opportunities to get involved. After all, small town Prides really don't get enough credit, especially when you consider that smaller crowd sizes can create extraordinary opportunities to make lasting connections with local LGBT people and allies. What could be better than that?

Step Two: Celebrate the B in LGBT.

This year's Tel Aviv Pride Parade is currently gearing up to host the world's first ever bisexuality-themed Pride parade. That's a huge deal, given the serious need for greater bisexual visibility and awareness within the larger LGBT community. It's also crazy to think it took this long, when the "Mother of Pride" herself, Brenda Howard, was an out and proud bi activist! Anyway, since we can't all go to Tel Aviv Pride, we can make sure to honor the bi members of our community this Pride season. One simple way to do that? Sport the bi flag colors: pink, lavender, and blue.

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Step Three: Remember, Pride was born from protest.

Pride truly is an amazing occasion to have fun and celebrate love, acceptance, and diversity. But beneath the glitter, the music, and rainbow paraphernalia is a crucial piece of our history: a reminder that Pride was born as a protest for the rights and dignity of LGBT people. Whether we look back to last year's shutdown of Toronto Pride by Black Lives Matter, or ahead to L.A. Pride's Resist March, there is still a lot worth fighting for in the LGBT community.

Step Four: Show off and live fearlessly.

Sao Paulo Pride is the biggest, the most festive, and spectacularly dramatic (just ask Lito). From the extravagant floats known as Trio eletricos to incredible Carnival costumes, it's a sea of visual amazement, music, food, colors, and wonderment. In other words, it is neither the time or place to try to blend in with the crowd. This Pride season, flaunt what you've got, be flashy, and don't feel afraid to stand out. If you don't have anything right for the occasion, consider checking out some online DIY Pride projects to inspire your own unique, bold, Pride fashion.


This upcoming Pride season, apply these teachings, channel Lito's bravery, muster all the pride you can, and get out there and live your most authentic life!

All episodes of Sense8 are now streaming on Netflix.

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