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Nava Mau: 'Baby Reindeer' takes a 'sledgehammer' to the patriarchy

Baby Reindeer star Nava Mau is excited to bring a new type of transgender representation to Hollywood.

The 1st trailer for 'Élite's final season is here & we're emotional AF about it

It looks like a trip down memory lane for the students of Las Encinas.

24 LGBTQ+ reality dating shows & where to watch them

These are the LGBTQ+ dating shows that you might’ve missed out on throughout the years!

Jennifer Lopez reveals how she chooses roles & which scene was cut from 'Atlas'

Hold onto your popcorn, because Jennifer Lopez, who spoke to Out, is about to take us on another cinematic thrill ride!

'The Upshaws' star Jermelle Simon wants Jerrod Carmichael to guest star

Jermelle Simon and Kim Fields spoke to Out about part 5 of Netflix's The Upshaws.

'Selling the OC's Sean shares new texts with Austin to prove his story

The bisexual star of Selling the OC shared more alleged text messages in an attempt to prove his allegations about Austin Victoria.

Queer comics take center stage in Netflix's 'Outstanding'

An upcoming doc, Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution, shows how LGBTQ+ history was shaped by stand-up comedy.

Here's when 'Hearstopper' season 3 (and its new Billie Eilish song) is coming out

Yes, you read that right! New music from the Grammy-winning queer pop star is going to be featured in the beloved Netflix series.

Ellen DeGeneres is coming back with a new comedy special—and it's going to be her last

The television icon is back for one last round of comedy.

Austin denies Sean's 'Selling the OC' claims: 'I'm a straight man'

Selling the OC star Austin Victoria has once again denied the accusations that he was flirting with his costar Sean Palmieri.

'Baby Reindeer' star Richard Gadd investigated for dating trans actress who auditioned for show

Reece Lyons, a trans actress, has come forward saying that she was asked to audition for a role in the hit Netflix series, but it came at the same time she was asked out by the show's creator.

Meet Sean Palmieri, 'Selling the OC's bisexual hottie

Sean Palmieri is one of the biggest stars on Selling the OC season 3.

Antoni Porowski & his tank tops are preparing us for a sweaty Hot Girl Summer

As the weather warms up, the newly-single Queer Eye star is showing off more skin and we're not complaining!

Who is Edwin's perfect match? The 'Dead Boy Detectives' stars have thoughts!

The four main stars of Netflix's new supernatural comedy-drama share their ideas about what kind of partner Edwin deserves!

How the 'Dead Boy Detectives' showrunner crafted the queer supernatural mystery show of our dreams

Out got to chat with the new Netflix series' creator and co-showrunner about bringing Charles and Edwin to life on screen!