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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Life Coach Carlos Brandt on Breaking Machismo and BOTOX® Cosmetic

In Out's "Spilling the Tea on Me" series, Carlos Brandt shares how finding his authentic self was a radical act of rebellion.

Remarriage After Bereavement: How to Overcome Grief & Rediscover Love

Makeup artist Stephen Dimmick shares the many ways he was able to stop grieving and find his way back to himself as both a person and a husband.

Hear What This Bride Did to Help Her on Her Big Day

Now newlyweds, Kate Austin and Sarah Sulsenti reflect back on their romantic journey, leading up to the most important milestone of their lives.

At 20 Years, Allergan Aesthetics Continues to Innovate

Allergan Aesthetics celebrates two decades of BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) and continues to drive innovation.

Tina Burner Talks Her 'Messy' Coming Out and BOTOX(r) Cosmetic

In Out's "Spilling the Tea on Me" series, the star opens up about finding her voice.

How a 29-Year-Old Hairstylist Learned to Embrace Pride and Botox

In Out's "Spilling the Tea on Me" series, William J. French describes feeling comfortable as his authentic self.