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Blew Velvet’s ‘A Mirror’ Is an Introspective Bop

Blew Velvet’s ‘A Mirror’ Is an Introspective Bop

Queer electronic musician (and magician) Blew Velvet says their new track “A Mirror” is “a portal to introspective work.” The synth-heavy song is intended as “a reminder that things should be personal. A mirror is the guide to answering your own questions, to being your own muse, to understanding where you are and what you're embodying.”

While Velvet has been making music for years, performing at underground queer spaces, this is only their second official single under this specific project, and a “pointedly sophomore” release. “My debut track was an emotional and healing coping mechanism for some past pain that was very explicitly derived from romance and relationships.” On “A Sacrifice,” the artist wanted to convey the importance of transformation. “Not only is it important to grow and change and learn from the relationships you have with other people, it's maybe more important to maintain a healthy and developed relationship with yourself.”

That introspection, explains Velvet, directly influences the way we see the world around us.  “The friends you keep, the people that anchor you down to reality are exactly like mirrors for you. You can see yourself, your choices, and your characteristics and how they construct your life if you simply take a look around you and see what those mirrors are reflecting back at you.” 

In an upcoming music video, Charlene Incarnate will play Velvet’s mirror — the drag performer has been a way for Velvet to look at themselves from a different perspective for years, keeping them grounded and encouraging them “to elevate at my lowest times. I am convinced that a power of hers as a goddess incarnate is to be an ultimate living truth for herself and a lot of the world around her. I cherish her for that.”

Listen to Blew Velvet’s “A Mirror” below.

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