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King Princess’ ‘Hit the Back’ Is a Bop for Bottoms

King Princess’ ‘Hit the Back’ Is a Bop for Bottoms

King Princess’ ‘Hit the Back’ Is a Bop for Bottoms

‘Hit the Back’ is an “anthem for bottoms everywhere.”

King Princess is back with a new bop for the girls, or more specifically, a bop for the bottoms. The Beatles could never!

The Brooklyn-based artist, who had one of our favorite summer jams with her remix of Meryl Streep's iconic Big Little Lies scream, just dropped a new track and wasn't shy about the inspiration. "Hit the Back," she tweeted earlier this week, is "the anthem for bottoms everywhere."

The groovy track finds King Princess singing over a simple drum and piano mix, with her own vocals layered to create a catchy earworm that's perfect for that triumphant moment after your trade leaves and you need to dance around your bedroom as you pick up the clothes you shed the night before (or an hour ago, you do you babe!)

"I need you to search my clothing, pat me down, and feel the molding," King Princess sings as the track opens. "I need you to be my motor, and run me 'til I can't go further." Sounds like a fun night!

"Ain't I the best you had? And I'll let you throw it down, tell me you need respect," she sings over the chorus. "I'm your pet," she adds, a lyrical sentiment similar to The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog." These lyrics seem bound to wind up in Grindr profile bios across the world ... maybe even Recon!

"Hit the Back" is the latest track from King Princess' upcoming album Cheap Queen, which is due out October 25. Bottoms everywhere, pre-save today!

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