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Rapper Le1f Sounds Off On Racism In the Queer Community

Ryan Pfluger

What started as a meme, quickly became a series of stream of consciousness tweets from New York Rapper Le1f.


“Deadass too many of yall some #blacklivesmatter never-fucked-a-black-guy niggerologists who never actually heard my lyrics IDFWU,” he wrote. The tweets were in regard to racism in the queer community, an issue that Le1f has been plagued with throughout his entire career.

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Le1f continued, “even more of yall are jungle fever powerbottom niggerologists who think educated black gays like me live to condone yall bullshittery.” Le1f even tweeted that this is what two of his most popular songs, “Wut” and “Koi,” are “blatantly" about.

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When asked by a fan about speaking out without fear of sounding like an “angry black woman”—an issue often brought up when people of color speak their mind on issues that concern them, especially within the queer community which has historically taken black culture as its own—Le1f responded, in a since deleted tweet, “my mother is always concerned with that for me, but meh I don't care. I've been commodified too much into something I'm not, so I'll say it.”

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