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Sia Releases This Is Acting, a Compilation of Pop Stars' Leftovers 

Sia Releases This Is Acting, a Compilation of Pop Stars' Leftovers


Making the best of things, Sia releases an album full of rejects she wrote for other artists.

Almost every pop diva conquering the world has sung Sia's words. Britney Spears, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Beyonce (just to name a few). But it's by no means easy for Sia to get her words into their mouths. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sia talked about having to send many, many songs to these icons before they finally decide on one -- and those rejected are the material of her latest album, This Is Acting.

"There is a Beyonce reject on there. It's one of my favorite songs, actually. I really like it. We did that in the Hamptons session we did years ago for the most recent album she did. I got "Pretty Hurts" from that album, but originally I wrote 25 songs for it while we were in the Hamptons and one made the record. Isn't that amazing?"

With all of these leftovers on her hands, and a plethora of hits under her belt, Sia decided to sing her own creations. The album represents the singer/songwriter discovering her worth, showing that her voice deserves to be on these hits just as much as monumental pop divas. In the same Rolling Stone interview, Sia added:

"Basically, if all of the top-tier artists who get the most rotation blow off a song that I think would succeed at radio, I'll then decide to keep it for myself instead of giving it to a next-tier artist who gets less rotation. I realized -- this wasn't when I first started writing pop songs; I couldn't have gotten a song on the commercial radio if I tried -- but now, as my value increases, it actually makes more sense for me to sing those new pop songs as opposed to giving them to other people. Which is exciting!"

You can check out one of the album's songs, "Broken Glass" (a Shakira reject), below:

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