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Flashback: When Adele Was 21


It seems with the release of 25 today, Adele has returned to save the music industry once again. Remember four years ago when she was also doing the very same thing? In honor of the momentous occasion, we look back when we profiled the music savior in 2011, with a feature "Lady Sings the Blues." Since then, she's won an Oscar and had a baby and probably a lot more things that we will hear about many more times. But in case you forgot what it was like four years ago, here are some highlights.

SLIDESHOW | Adele on the Cover of Out

Adele’s first concert was The Cure—at age 3!

For anyone who’s heard Adele’s often-melancholy lyrics, or 21's cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong,” being a fan of the mopey Brit rockers shouldn’t be so much a surprise. It’s sweet, though, to hear about toddler Adele accompanying her mother to the show—and her gradual embrace of her mother’s musical taste. We wonder if Adele has played the Rockabye Baby version of Cure songs for her own tyke.

Adele once got a crusty tissue in the mail from a creep.

No, really. As Adele explained: “There was a note saying, ‘This is what I imagine you doing to me.’ Oh, you sent me a crispy tissue—I’ll definitely get in touch with you; hey, let’s get married and have children!” Now that she's a mother, we hope people will keep their feelings to themselves

Adele idolized Beyoncé.

Specifically, Beyoncé was Adele’s “fucking idol.” Now that she has joined the ranks of Bey, and decided not to allow her album 25 to be available on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music for the time being, we wonder if she's following in the footsteps of her idol and remains just as devoted a fan of Beyoncé.

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