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The Cast of Widows On Centering Female Strength in Their Blockbuster Heist Film

Steve McQueen's Widows, a remake of the 1983 British TV series of the same name, follows four wives who have to set aside their grief for their husbands — who die during a robbery in the first few moments of the film — and pull off a heist with no special skills or training. While Widows brings together a stellar cast and sets them the task of pulling off a seemingly impossible caper, this is emphatically not another female-driven heist move (cough, Ocean's 8). These women aren't expert hackers or masters of disguise, they're regular women thrust into an impossible situation, doing everything they can to survive.

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Last month in Chicago, OUT talked to the cast of Widows — including Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Erivo — about what drew them to the film and what women have traditionally been forced to sacrifice to be seen as strong.

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