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Argentinean Queer Film Explores the High Cost of Denying Our Sexual Awakening (Exclusive)


What happens when you never act on a childhood crush? 

Esteros follows two childhood friends, Matías (Ignacio Rogers) and Jerónimo (Esteban Masturini) who experience a sexual awakening together in rural Argentina. But when the boys suddenly move apart, they don't reunite until a decade later. Now Matías finds himself in a committed relationship with a woman, while his feelings for Jerónimo remain uneasily suppressed. 

"The story of Esteros is very personal to me, not only because it’s my first film, but because it recreates moments that I experienced as a child," says director Papu Curotto, who transformed his short film Matías y Jerónimo—about two young boys who witness a hate crime—into the feature-length Esteros. 

"We have all been secretly in love with a friend when we were kids, but it was something we could not say because we knew it was forbidden," Curotto continues. "I wanted to tell a story about love and because it’s the story of a first love, it’s left etched in your memory forever."

Watch the trailer for Esteros below:

ESTEROS (2016) - exclusive trailer from Cinema Tropical on Vimeo.

Esteros will open Friday, November 18 in Los Angeles, followed by a VOD Release.

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