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The 10 Gayest Things About the Mad Max Franchise

Tom Hardy, Mad Max

1. Leather Cops (a.k.a Gayboy Berserkers): If the idea for the end-of-the-world law enforcement to be dressed in head-to-toe leather didn’t come out of an amazing male stripper encounter, then it should have.

2 – Tina Turner: With her lion’s mane of a hairstyle, Tina Turner as Aunty Entity gave us a reason to live when almost everyone else had died.

Tina Turner

3. Wez: The red-haired right hand of Humungus who shows little to no emotion until the person that appears to be his boyfriend is murdered with a metal boomerang by a feral child – then he won’t stop screaming until Humungus puts him in a sleeper hold.

4. The Humungus: More like the go-go boy of the post-apocalyptic future. He perfectly illustrates our point about loin cloths and goes as far as needing a long-winded squire-type announcer whenever he makes an appearance and only speaks when everyone else is silent. Over a loudspeaker. That harness and studded leather loin cloth? What party is he headed to? 

Kjell Nilsson

5. Savanna Nix: The nurturing mother figure, history keeper, and storyteller to a tribe of desert children. And she does it all while wearing fur.

6. Max’s leather outfit: Case in point for the male stripper idea. Why couldn’t Mel Gibson have aged like a normal, sane person? We need more silver foxes in Hollywood. 

Mel Gibson

7. Loin cloths: At the end of all things the only clothing options will be oppressive leather or minimalist loin cloths. There will be no in-between, no breathable fabric, and no cotton. The only choices will be full or no coverage.

8. Dr. Dealgood: Two words: shoulder pads.

Dr. Dealgood

9. Charlize Theron: She’s kicked ass so many times they had to get a little creative this time by shaving her head, having her drive around a barren desert, rescuing other end-of-the-worldlings, and having a robot arm. Someone had a good time coming up with that aesthetic.

10. Tom Hardy’s pillowy lips: It really couldn’t go without saying. Tom Hardy was a great casting choice, especially since he covered his face as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Mad Max: Fury Road is in theaters now.

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