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Cam Gigandet: Naked Boy Not Singing


Even the worst singers occasionally belt it out in the safety of their bathrooms. Not Cam Gigandet. 'I'm so bad, I won't even sing in the shower,' says the 28-year-old Washington native, who shares the big screen this winter with two of pop's most iconic voices -- Cher and Christina Aguilera -- in the sequined-studded movie-musical Burlesque (now in theaters). 'There's a scene where I'm supposed to sing into Christina's ear when we're dancing. That is intimidating.' (The scene was later cut from the film.) Fortunately, what he lacks in vocal prowess Gigandet more than makes up for in looks. Fans of his shirtless scene in Twilight will be pleased to know the actor bares all this time around, for a scene in which his character, Jack, a barman and aspiring musician, tries to seduce Aguilera's blossoming star Ali, gradually peeling off his clothes until all that stands between the two is a strategically placed box of cookies. 'I had on one of those thin, small slices of fabric, but they're not very containing,' he says. 'It was nerve-racking, but Christina acted as if it was no big deal that there was a naked guy standing in front of her.'

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