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Interview: Roberto J. Portales Shares His 'Manscaping' Techniques and Relationship with Body Hair

Interview: Roberto J. Portales Shares His 'Manscaping' Techniques and Relationship with Body Hair

Roberto J Portales Panasonic Cordless Electric Body Hair Trimmer

We sat down Roberto J. Portales, former military vet and fitness influencer, to discuss his relationship with body hair, his trimming technique and his grooming tool of choice.

Trimming body hair looks rather simple, but there is a certain finesse and technique to trimming that most of us are unaware of. Many first timers often jump right into trimming with little knowledge and improper equipment, only to find themselves covered in nicks and cuts. Even worse is the intense razor burn we experience two or three days later because we pulled to hard at our skin and failed to use moisturizer. Thankfully, there are more tools available to help create a better trimming experience, including the Panasonic Cordless Electric Body Groomer. To take a closer look at this groomer, we sat down with former military vet and fitness influencer, Robert J. Portales, to discuss his relationship with body hair, his trimming technique and experience with Panasonic Cordless Electric Body Groomer.

Out: What is your relationship with your body hair?

Roberto J. Portales: My body hair has varied throughout the years. When I was in high school, for some reason, my teammates on my football team were waxing their arms. I'm not sure why. I didn't go quite that far, but it was in high school when I shaved my upper body for the first time. I continued to do that when I was in the army and through college. Then I started competing in men's physique around the time I was 24, and when I was competing, I was required to shave my entire body. There were a couple years when I'd have to shave my legs and upper body completely for competitions. It's always a pain to do it because of razor bumps, irritation, and the length of time it takes. It wasn't easy. I don't shave my legs anymore because I'm no longer competing, but I do shave my upper body every few weeks. I wish I could be hairless all of the time, but it's kind of a hassle, so I only do it every couple of weeks.

Why is manscaping important to you?

I feel like I enjoy my look better without the body hair. I think that being a fitness personality, obviously your muscles look better when you don't have body hair, that's why you have to shave for the competition. I just feel like I look the closest to how I want to look when I have my body hair shaved.

What is your manscaping style? Do you lightly trim or completely shave off all your body hair?

I trim to a 0. I don't use a razor to my upper body. I used to use a razor while I was competing because the hair had to be completely removed, but I no longer feel it's worth the razor burns. I just trim it down as much as possible.

What tools do you use?

I've been using the Panasonic Cordless Electric Body Groomer. If I was going to use a razor, like during the competition, I would always use the trimmer first. I try to trim my chest more often, and I trim my arm hair every other shave. I don't mind my arm hair as much. If I know I may have a photoshoot, then I'll definitely have them. When I'm using my Panasonic trimmer, I'll use it without any attachements to get as close as I can without actually using a razor blade.

What is your experience with the Panasonic Cordless Electric Body Groomer?

It's very simple and easy to use. It cuts very quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, I have used trimmers where the hair just get stuck in it, and then I'd have to clean it out while I am still using it, With Panasonic, I didn't have to do that. When I finish trimming, the process of cleaning it out is easy. I do trim down there, and would use the trimmer down there.

The Panasonic Body Groomer can be used in or out of the shower. Where do you use your groomer?

I usually shave in the shower. I shave first before I turn the shower on. Then I shower all the hair off, and then look for any spots I might have missed.

Would you recommend the Panasonic Body Groomer to others?

Yes, absolutely! Especially if you are new to trimming your body hair and don't know what to do, get the Panasonic to start off. It will help ensure you're trimming without irritation and help to avoid nicks.

What was your biggest mishap you had when trimming?

In high school. I used a head shaver and cut myself up with it. I quickly learned that using something that isn't made for body hair is a huge mistake.

The first time I shaved my legs for a competition, I had the WORST razor burn ever. I wish I had taken the time to really do research and know what the best thing would have been for shaving my legs. Luckily, I shaved the night before the competition, so it didn't show that day, but definitely burned the days after the competition.

Do you have any body trimming Tips and tricks?

1. You definitely want to make sure you're using some sort of lotion afterwards, whether is be moisturizer or aftershave. It's important because you will experience some irritation , unless you do this perfectly.

2. Make sure you take your time and try to be as precise as possible. I have had times where I rush it, and I definitely nick myself with a trimmer.

3. Use a mirror for troubled spots. For the top of my chest, it's very hard for me to look down and to see if I missed anything, so I used a bathroom mirror to get to the hard to see spots.

4. Make sure your trimmer is charged all the way before you start. In the past, my trimmer died on me and I was left with one arm shaved and the other not shaved. I've had to go to the store to get another. It's not the best situation.

5. Make sure you're cleaning out your trimmer. You don't want to collect all that nasty dead hair in your trimmer. I always clean my out before I charge it.

6. I like to put paper towels down when I'm shaving and before I turn the shower on. It helps to capture all the hair I'm trimming off so it doesn't create an unnecessary clog in my drain.

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