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5 Problems All Thicc Boys Understand

Big Dipper

"I bought some corduroy slacks in 2011. I almost started a wildfire."

As a gay man, body standards are ridiculous and fat-shaming is rampant. If you don't resemble a Sean Cody model, you might as well be a eunuch.

But the thicc boy revolution is here, and it's beautiful. The plus-sized male has found his confidence and is taking to Instagram like a Kardashian to money. But now matter how much empowerment we spread, the struggle is still very real.

No one knows that quite like these boys...

1. When the thigh gap becomes a thigh clap

2. When you're not skinny enough to fly economy

3. When your selfie game is less than

4. When your body didn't get the memo that summer is over

5. When retail therapy becomes a quest for the Ark of the Covenant

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