Rest Stop: Our Essential Guide to a Perfect Night's Sleep

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Apply some tech to your ZZZZS

Need help getting your daily zzz’s? Mom swears by a glass of white wine, but we like the high-tech approach

Nox Music

Nox Music
Calm your agitated brain with soothing lights and sounds. That’s the promise of Nox Music, a combination reading light, speaker, and alarm clock that tracks your sleep schedule (with the help of a free app) and sends you off to dreamland in a calm state of mind. When it’s time to rise, Nox’s lights and sounds wake you just as gently. The company will soon launch a new version called Nox Aroma that adds aromatherapy to the mix. ($149,

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EarlySense Live
Just how restful are your resting hours? While there are plenty of sleep trackers on the market, many need to be clipped to your PJs or worn like a bracelet, and they need to be charged. EarlySense avoids these hassles with a sensor that tucks under your mattress. It measures your heart and breathing rates, as well as stress level. There’s nothing to wear or forget, and the sensor beams customized sleep tips to your phone via a free app. ($199,

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed
While you drift off this bed stays on duty, and its mission is adjusting for your comfort. For the crème de la crème of sleep tech, cuddle up with the 360 Smart Bed. Here the tracker is built inside the bed, and the mattress adjusts as each sleeper changes positions during the night. It warms your feet so you’ll fall asleep faster, raises your head if you (or your partner) snore, and wakes you when you’re in the lightest stage of sleep. (starting at $2,799,

Shleep Logo 16

Dr. Els van der Helm is an engaging sleep researcher who’s taught the science of sleep to business leaders around the globe. With her new Shleep app (available for iOS and Android) she puts a personalized sleep coach in the palm of your hand. Using cartoon sheep, the app learns your habits and instructs you on natural ways to get the rest you need. Included quizzes and challenges make developing healthy habits a stress-free experience. (

Max And Phone 1600x1067 1024x10242x

SleepScore Max
While the SleepScore Max looks like a speaker sitting on your nightstand, there’s a lot of sensory technology hiding inside. This device tracks your sleep using an echolocation-like system, and monitors breathing, respiration, and room temperature as well. When used with a mobile app, it creates a custom plan that not only reports how long it took you to fall asleep, but gives advice on how to improve your sleeping conditions going forward. ($150,


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