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Workouts of the Ripped & InstaFamous

Laith Ashley

How to make every day #FlexFriday. 

Aside from giving you endless fodder for your digital spank bank, Instagram's hottest thirst traps also have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working out. With the help of shirt-averse personal trainer Seth Gottesdiener, we asked some shredded Insta-celebs how they maintain their double-tap appeal.

Adam Fulat (


"Usually I'll start with a variation of the squat, which incorporates almost every muscle in the legs, in a strength building phase of 3-6 reps. Throughout the workout, I pair exercises with movements like box jumps or dynamic jump lunges to increase power and strength simultaneously. I like to finish most leg sessions with isolation exercises (typically single-leg) to focus on areas I want to strengthen and improve."

BarrettPall (@barrettpall)

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"I love to do a fast-paced exercise as a superset to my weighted exercise. Things like high knees, jumping rope, and bicycle crunches are great to add to your resting periods; they keep your heart rate up for longer periods, which burns more calories. I like getting maximum efficiency with minimum time, so I use my downtime at the gym as part of my workout. Whether lifting with lighter weights or using your own body weight in between sets, you can rev up your workout by simply not standing around.

NivZinder (@nivzinder)

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"The abs are the body's center of gravity and where all movement originates, so a strong and efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance everywhere. For building stability, I like elbow plank variations, hanging leg holds (10-30 seconds), and farmer's walks. For building strength, try the stability ball elbow plank, alternating side planks, and windshield wipers. For building power, opt for cable chops and medicine ball slams."

SethGottesdiener (@TrainerSethG)

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"I can't emphasize the importance of push-ups enough. They're a staple exercise for a reason. If standard floor push-ups are too easy, try doing plyo or clap push-ups. Also, if you have good shoulder mobility, try going sub-90 degrees by using two relatively heavy dumbbells as a platform. Lower your chest below the heads of the dumbbells until you feel a slight stretch in your chest and shoulders, exhale, and come back to your starting plank position."

LaithAshley (@Laith_Ashley)


"One of my favorite arm workouts is the ladder barbell curl. Starting at 12 reps, work your way down to one, resting 15-20 seconds between sets, and holding at 90 degrees for 30 seconds after the last set. Complete your arm workout with dumbbell, hammer, and cable curls for biceps; dips, skull crushers, and pushdowns for triceps; and shoulder presses, side lateral raises, and seated bent-over rear flys for your delts. You want your body to be functional, so make sure you target every muscle group properly, no matter how tempted you are to focus on the muscle groups that show up most in photos."

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