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LGBTQ+ Palestinians Pay Tribute to Their Lost Loves in Heartbreaking Social Posts

Queer Palestinians are paying tribute to their fallen loved ones on the Queering the Map app.

Sex, Drugs, and a Shooting: Gay Israeli Film 'In Bed' Will Turn Heads

Nitzan Gilady's psychological thriller depicts a slice of urban gay life, warts and all.

Tel Aviv To Recognize Same-Sex Civil Unions

It’s part of the city’s challenge to the Israeli government, the religious bureaucracy, and the country’s outdated marriage laws.

Over 100 LGBTQ+ Filmmakers Boycott Israeli Film Festival

Campaigners are alleging TLVFest, a state-sponsored LGBTQ+ film festival, is an act of "pinkwashing" to cover Israel's human rights violations.

Government Official Tells Gay Dads One Must Register as 'Mother'

An official told the parents that the bureaucracy requires that one identify as a mother, “like a normal couple.”


Four Men Arrested for Attempted Murder of Gay Teen in Israel

The attack follows a recent spike in homophobic incidents.

Travel Photo Diary: Chocolate, Wine, and Spirituality in Jerusalem

In this 3-part travel journal and photo series, Glenn Garner dives into the food, spirituality, and queer culture of Israel.

Israeli Nissan Ad Embraces Same-Sex Parents

“I think you’re a family if you live together and love together.”

A Gay Israeli Soldier Asks Why His Country Has 'Abandoned' Him

“I’m supposed to go into battle knowing that I’m a second class citizen, only because I’m gay. That I’m good enough to die for this country, but not good enough to be an equal-rights citizen.” 

Historic Jerusalem Site Renamed 'Tolerance Square' In Honor of Slain Teen

16-year-old Shira Banki was murdered by a Jewish extremist at last year's Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem. 

Gay Palestinian Finally Granted Asylum in Israel

Trying to make it work in a fractured system finally paid off—after five years.

Watch: Israeli Jews & Arabs Kiss To Protest Book Ban

After the Ministry of Education banned a book for its depiction of Jewish-Arab love, six couples fought back.

Israeli Military Lifts Ban on HIV-Positive Recruits

The policy change affects what is already one of the world's most inclusive military organizations.

Landmark Petition For Marriage Equality Filed At Israeli High Court

Israel may become the first marriage equality country in the Middle East and Asia.

Breaking: Jerusalem Stabber Charged With Murder, Attempted Murder

The ultra-orthodox Jewish assailant stabbed six at Jerusalem's Gay Pride, killing a 16-year-old girl.

Walking With Pride

From Kiev to Lisbon, the social experiment is spreading.

Op-Ed: Out of a Day of Horror in Israel, I Have Hope for Meaningful Change

Attacks by ultra-Orthodox Jewish men left six gay Pride marchers injured and a Palestinian child dead, but it may provoke change across the Holy Land.

6 People Stabbed at Jerusalem Pride Parade

The assailant was convicted of stabbing three people at Jerusalem Pride in 2005

Groundbreaking Doc Explores the Lives of Gay Palestinians in Tel Aviv

The groundbreaking documentary explores the lives of gay Palestinians in Tel Aviv

Op-ed: Anti-Semitism in Charges That Israel Trumps LGBT Rights

Michael Lucas charges old-fashioned hatred in claims that American Jews care more about Israel than patriotism or LGBT rights.