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Grant Woolhead's Notebook


Out fashion director Grant Woolhead shares his favorite things of the week

Clockwise from left: Richard Serra at Gargosian Gallery; "Nouvelles Physiologique" lace-up shoes by Berluti; Lady Gaga & Donatella Versace; "Shangai Vertigo" bedset by Frette; Bruce Weber "1983" (Twelvetrees Press); Appellation Wine Store; Murano glass lamp by Atollo.

Art: Richard Serra at the Gargosian Gallery

My apartment building is between 23rd and 24th St, in New York, and I was very happy to see that literally just outside the back entrance of my building Richard Serra has a big show at the Gargosian Gallery running from October 26 to January 25, 2014. I love the piece that he's done called Inside Out, 2013. This large scale work made out of weatherproof steel is both austere and beautiful, kind of like a cocoon.

Interior: Murano Glass Lamps

My best friend has a thing for lamps, and good lamps and good lighting (as she taught me) really does change an entire room's ambience. I've never liked overhead lighting: It puts everyone in a bad mood and makes you feel like your working in a telesales office. All the light in my apartment comes from lamps. I bought a pair of original '60s Murano glass lamps a few month ago that I absolutely adore. In the wrong environment they could be quite tacky, but I think on a sleek piece of furniture they look fantastic. Mine are grey, but there are some great ones in other colors too.

Book: 1983 by Bruce Weber

I found this monograph at the Acne Store in Soho a while ago. They have a great selection of books that are pretty hard to find, and this Bruce Weber opus is an endless source of inspiration. I'm particularly into the "twins series" right now. It's a full chapter in the book dedicated to homoerotic images of young, handsome male twins. It's a little uncomfortable and incestuous in look, but incredibly arresting. I think thats the magic of a great image is that it makes you think, even if it makes you slightly uncomfortable.

Music: Lady Gaga "Donatella"

The first time I heard this song last week I burst out laughing because the lyrics are so absurd. The song itself reminds me of Duran Duran, which I love. Fashion anthems are usually a flop, but I think this one may rival Madonna's "Vogue" or George Michael's "Faith." I know that after a few cocktails I'm going to be dancing to this one at the Out100 party this week, and that's the genius of Gaga!

Home: Frette Bedsheets

I never used to place very much importance on beautiful bed linens until I invested in some. I think it's important for your bed to be as luxurious as possible: After all, you spend a third of your life in it, and you never know who may end up in it with you! My favorites are these Art Deco style sheets from Frette called Shanghai Vertigo.

Accessories: Berluti Shoes

I really love Berluti as a brand right now, and what designer Alessandro Sartori is doing at the house with the immense backing of Antoine Arnault. I always remember Berluti as an incredibly luxurious bespoke shoe- and boot-maker, and I think investing in a pair of bespoke footwear and having your own last carved into it would be amazing. However, buying from the regular collection is still pretty incredible, and my personal favorites right now are the Nouvelles Physiologiques. Very cool.

Drink: Appellation Wine Store

I love this wine store on 10th Ave, in Chelsea, called Appellation. The first time I went in, I felt a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as the staff always ask "Can I help you?" Once you get over this, they're actually very helpful and knowledgable about wines, which I'm not at all. I usually choose based on price and how pretty the label is. With that said my mum's favorite wine is Chateauneuf de Pape, and they have a fabulous 2001 bottle from Chateau de Beaucastel, which I'm contemplating buying for when she visits for Thanksgiving.

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