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Blake Scott Schools Us on the Perfect Suit

Blake Scott Topman Suit

Take notes!

Blake Scott started out as any college student with a science major, looking to become a physical therapist. With some twists and turns along his path, he created The Scott Effect, which started out as a hobby and quickly emerged into an iconic fashion blog and a cult-like Instagram following of over 420K. His followers look to him for guidance on style and the best of the west coast recommendations.

After a weekend spent at Coachella, OUT caught up with the Instagram star-turned-blogger to discuss the perfect suit and just how deep his west coast inspiration runs.

Out: Tell us about The Scott Effect. How did you go from physical therapist to fashion blogger?
Blake Scott: I was always the "dapper kid" in school (even in college), so it was almost natural when it came to dressing. I began with simple tips to putting looks together, and transitioned to daily personal style tips. I took it as an opportunity to share what came so natural to me, Style.

Was there a moment when you realized you're following was really growing? How do you set yourself apart from other Instagram accounts and fashion blogs?
Blake: I went to NYC on vacation about 2 years ago (1 year into blogging), and people were coming up to say hi and ask for a photo. It happened on the train, in a coffee shop, and while I was taking my tour at the Top of the Rock (LOL).I guess you can say, that's when I realized my audience was growing.

I try to set myself apart from other IG accounts by staying in touch with my audience. I take pride in being a guys-guy, so responding to comments, emailing back inquiries and taking time to just appreciate them is my approach.

You have a pretty big following that looks to you for style inspiration daily. What do you look for when introducing a trend to your audience?
Blake: My style is pretty simple and what I consider to be timeless. For instance, a couple years ago, Camo was HUGE. Now, it was seen everywhere, from tennis shoes to blazers. I introduced it slightly with trousers and weekenders, each time dressing up the camo, versus having it look casual.

You're currently based out of Los Angeles and often seen as a town staple. From Coachella to the best downtown coffee, what are some of your favorite local spots?
Blake: I take pride at being from LA, and more importantly living in DTLA. My favorite local coffee spot is Coffee Colab, a place where you can grab an amazing cup of joe, and talk with baristas who really know their stuff. Terroni, Kazu-Nori, and Al & Bea's are favorite places to eat locally.

We've seen your Instagram feed. It's obvious you love a good suit. What are some key features that you look for, when selecting the right one?
Blake: Lapels. I look for a nice stand out lapel in a suit. It can be peaked, shawl, or wide, I feel it's the lapels that add the extra flavor to a suit. It can also help you separate from others, if you are wearing the same color or style of suit/tux.

We recently sent you to the Los Angeles Topman location to select the perfect workwear look and suiting fit. What are some key qualities that you look for, when selecting a suit.
Blake: The Fit of a suit is key. Topman does an amazing job at making sure your look is on point straight off the rack. Zero to minimal tailoring helps tremendously, and it insures you are able to wear your exact look that day (if needed). The main quality I look upon first, is making sure the suit fits properly.

I'm sure you, like almost everyone likes shopping in stores that provide an experience while you are perusing the clothing. How was your personal shopping experience at TOPMAN?
Blake: The personal shopping experience was wonderful. Giovanni (personal shopper) was very personable, and allowed me to make the selections. What was really cool is that when I came to a halt with combos for the suits, he asked if he could bring in a few suggestions (on par with my selections) to pair with my looks. It's funny, because I ultimately chose my look based on a look that we collaborated on together.

Menswear staples are a constant conversation in today's world. We're always looking for a new way to switch it up or find a new take on "a classic work look". What are some of your suiting essentials that you believe are a must-have?
Blake: Every guy must have: 1 cotton suit, 1 linen suit, 1 blue suit, and 1 wool suit. This would cover you in all climates, and the blue suit will be your life saver, whenever the day calls for a suit on occasion (trust me).

What were some of the key pieces of the Topman suiting collection that really stood out to you on your trip to the LA store?
Blake: Some pieces that really stood out to me were the many hues of blue. I must have seen almost every shade imaginable, from suits to denim, and it was incredible. Thinking back right now, I recall this lovely shade of blue on a double breasted suit, it was so nice. And, of course I had to try it on. The fit was on point, the cuts were very modern. From time to time, I come across a nice double-breasted, only to be let down by the how badly it fits, with this one it was the exact opposite. The waist was snug, but not tight, and it gave off a real vintage vibe, I loved it! Now, I'm thinking I should make my way back to the store, it's calling my name!

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