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The Peeping Toms: Revamping Sexiness for Men

The Peeping Toms

From haute to naughty, a pair of Toms at opposite ends of the spectrum are revamping sexiness for men.

After helping to define what's indisputably sexy in the high-fashion world for more than a quarter-century, Tom Ford has turned his curious eye to upgrading men's intimates. Launching with more than 40 styles this fall (coming soon), the designer's new underwear line strips everything back, releasing trunks, briefs, and boxers in seven skin tones. Start your day (or end your night) at your sexiest, wearing seemingly nothing save a Tom Ford label. And if you want to bring out your shimmering, primal urges, the designer has also turned out a selection of designs in a variety of metallics and prints.

If Ford helped call out what's sexy for the elite, Tom of Finland illustrated what's hot for our cruisy parks and dive bars. Many of the characters he drew might have brandished their macho-influenced, fetishy appeal with bulges, seemingly unrestricted by the constraints of a boxer or a brief. But there were also various muscle-bound bodies, contained in a few pieces of sexy undergarments, ostensibly designed by Tom himself. Now, the Tom of Finland Foundation is teaming up with CDLP, a Swedish underwear brand, to turn those classic designs into sexy jockstraps and briefs, all made of biodegradable fiber. Paired with a portrait of Tom himself and a limited-edition print, the wares make for an actual, wearable piece of queer history.

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