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Esteban Diácono Blends Otherworldly Fashion With 3-D Motion Design

Esteban Diácono Blends Otherworldly Fashion With 3-D Motion Design

esteban diacono

Right around this year’s New York Fashion Week, a new set of models made waves on Instagram.

Cultural and technical arbiters had their say in who came out on top of this year's NYFW, and you could expect to see some familiar names on their lists: Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs -- and Fenty, because yes. But those a bit more removed from the elite fashion world might have noticed another name pounding the runway online.

With nearly two million views, Esteban Diacono's "/copper/" post had gone viral during fashion week -- landing itself a spot on the discover page and the artist thousands of followers.

The rest of Diacono's fashion week posts are equally mesmerizing. His designs use scintillating textures, bold colors, and unique cuts to emulate looks from the runway.

Diacono's work is categorized as 3-D motion design, created with Cinema 4D, and it generally doesn't conform to subjects as normalized as those that walk the runway during fashion week. Many of his prior, more popular works feature geometric shapes jutting from bodies diverse in shape and size -- and what would translate as clothing or fabric often shifts to a kind of digital exoskeleton, complete with a metallic sheen and surprising character.

His designs aren't the only facet of his artistry to shape a present that focuses on redefining the future. By engineering his subjects to operate within neatly packaged, eye-catching focal points on Instagram, Diacono takes a style of animation usually reserved for a niche group of graphic designers and delivers it to a wider audience -- an enthusiastic one, with abundant curiosity for the form as art.

The designer recently collaborated with famed artist Takashi Murakami and Complex founder Marc Ecko to produce graphics for this year's ComplexCon -- a convention in Long Beach, California, that celebrates art, fashion, film, music, food, and tech. Organizers expected the convention to draw in as many as 50,000 attendees for its second annual run.

Murakami shared one of the collaborations on Instagram, and it's... Complex. (Read: really cool.)

DOBtopus ! @_estebandiacono @complexcon

A post shared by Takashi Murakami (@takashipom) on

Follow Esteban on Instagram for more of his imaginative ventures in 3-D motion design, and check out his website for visually rich, contemplative videos that push boundaries of what we come to expect from digital media.

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