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Sisley Paris

Sisley Just Solved All Your Skincare Woes

Skin Care

This family-run company has the solution to all your skincare issues.

Sisley-Paris is a French family-owned brand specializing in skincare, make-up, and fragrances created on the concept of Phyto-cosmetology--the use of the best essential oils and plant extracts designed to deliver visible results. The d'Ornano family has been involved in the cosmetics business for 3 generations, before creating Sisley-Paris in 1976 with their vision to deliver some of the most effective beauty products in the market.

This season sees the launch of two new products ideal for men, The Neck Cream ($180) and the Intensive Serum With Tropical Resins ($178).

The NEW Neck Cream by Sisley-Paris targets an often neglected area when it comes to skincare regimes: the neck, which actually has thinner, more delicate skin than the face. This cream has a tri-fold agenda: to instantly lift the skin, provide long term firmness, and to hydrate, and nourish damaged epidermal cells. Its enriched formula makes it a crucial purchase for the modern consumer who's constantly craning his neck to look at his smartphone.

The Intensive Serum, on the other hand, is targeted for the face. It's geared to address any trouble areas you're having on your skin; to address and rectify breakouts, shine, enlarged pores and uneven complexion for a smooth, even look without drying you out. It contains purifying ingredients to control sebum production and reduce redness.

At their Bleecker Street location in Manhattan's West Village, Sisley also offers a specialized spa service for men- the Phyto-Aromatic treatment Men's Facial. Slip into a world of pure relaxation and ease with the powerful aromatherapy of a Phyto-Aromatic experience, and while you're at the spa, treat your pores to a facial. Specifically designed for men's skin, this facial focuses on strengthening and evening out your most visible organ, while infusing your epidermis with vitality and youthfulness.


Your chance to win a free OUT-curated basket of the best Sisley products:

For a select time, OUT is partnering with Sisley for an exclusive giveaway basket package. The bundle contains nine products, including the Buff and Wash Facial Gel, Tropical Resins Serum, Sisleyum, Supremya At Night, The Neck Cream, Eye Contour Mask, Eau D'Ikar, a six-month beauty subscription, and a complimentary facial treatment at the Bleecker Boutique, a value of over $2,000. Enter for a chance to win at --the first 500 entrants who provide a mailing address will receive a free sample of The Neck Cream.


It's archaic to think grooming products are just for women, and this is certainly one area where it pays off to pay a little extra. There's no longer any excuse--take care of your skin and treat yourself.

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