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Justin Theroux Talks His Bouncing Bulge

Justin Theroux Talks His Bouncing Bulge


Now they make him wear two pairs of underwear.

Justin Theroux went on Conan last night to promote the season finale of HBO's The Leftovers. After a bit of light banter, Conan asked what "many women on [his] staff" (read: everyone) want to know: what's the deal with your junk? Conan's referring to the infamous jogging scene in first episode of the show.

After fumbling for "the classy way to answer this question," Theroux admitted that The Leftovers' wardrobe department also took notice. "There're two jogging scenes in the show," explained Theroux. "There's one in the pilot episode and there's one we did much later."

"When I went to get my wardrobe for the second jogging scene, way later, there was my jogging pants and two pairs of underwear in the dressing room. I was like 'Oh, I can clearly choose between two pairs' and they were like, 'No they want you to wear them both.'"

His fiance, Jennifer Anniston is a lucky woman (and that's the first time anyone's written that in a decade).

The season 1 finale of The Leftovers will air on September 7 at 10 p.m. EDT on HBO. The show's already been renewed for a second season.

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