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Guy-on-Guy Action

Guy-on-Guy Action


GQ Germany's campaign has famous straight men smooching for tolerance

Gq4GQ in Germany has launched a unique program to battle intolerance. #MundPropaganda (translates roughly as "word of mouth") brings together guys -- straight men, specifically -- in photos of tender kisses. Innocuous in some regions of the world, a simple kiss between men in conservative or repressive places could be the enticement to deadly violence. A video of GQ's project has actors Herbert Gronemeyer and August Diehl in a sweet smooch; rappers Moses Pelham and Thomas D get into it, as do all three members of hip hop group Fettes Brot; Olympic champion volleyball players Julius Brink and Jonas Recker giggle through their smooch; ad cutiepie actors Kostja Ullman and Ken Duken (above) passionately lock lips; and Johannes Strate and Jakob Sinn from rock band Revolverheld get tongues, hands, and legs involved (they're musicians, go figure). (the site is in German) has images of the campaign, and tracks reactions from blogs and social media. It's a rather surprising campaign for one of the world's leading men's titles, but an excellent idea nevertheless. Gay men are too often accused of trying to entice straight men into some frisky sam-sex behavior. Now at least, you've got some cover if you make a request for smooch: It's for tolerance.

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