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The Day in Channing Tatum


You win some, you lose some (weight)—even if you’re Magic Mike.

Not even our charmed demigods are immune from life's peaks and valleys. Everyone's favorite multi-hyphenate scrummy-beefcake-dancer-stripper/melodrama-action-star has ups and downs, just like us regular Joes. (But really, not at all like us regular Joes.)

Let's start with the bad news. We all know that eating disorders are deadly and damaging, physically and psychologically, and that in most parts they disproportionately affect young women. Young men in Los Angeles though, are a breed apart (hat tip, Gawker).

A study the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Los Angeles Unified School District and reported in the Los Angeles Times shows that:

"High school boys in Los Angeles are twice as likely to induce vomiting or use laxatives to control their weight as the national average, with 5.2% of those surveyed saying they had recently done so... They are also more likely to have used diet pills, powders or liquids than boys nationwide."

In L.A., the rates for boys are on par with those for girls. But why? They can't all be child actors or runway models. It's not just during pilot season that this phenomenon occurs. The Times' experts blame Tatum.

Some experts say boys are starting to face the pressures long placed on girls, as buff, bare men proliferate in pop culture. Boys today watch Channing Tatum strip as Magic Mike or weigh themselves against the muscular Dwayne Johnson....

"Boys are growing up now with the billboard of the guy with perfect pecs and biceps," said Roberto Olivardia, a clinical instructor in the Harvard Medical School psychiatry department. "You just didn't see that years ago."

Well, maybe some of them didn't, but images of male perfection have been de rigueur for gay men since forever. Guessing Michelangelo's David was cause for a drop in risotto consumption for a while.

Shake it off Chan. You've got to rescue the White House with your steely gaze, sly smirk, and big biceps. Or will you?

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Reviews are embargoed for White House Down in which Tatum saves--or doesn't save--the White House and President Jamie Foxx from the nefarious baddies while punching and dodging bullets in a dirt-smeared white tank top undershirt. So we can't say more than that. Actually, the tank top is a spoiler, sorry. (Go see the movie, but do yourself a favor and skip the trailer, linked here, if you can avoid it--it's four damn minutes and it reveals too much.)

But Chan, director Roland Emmerich, who is gay, has got your back. He told Yahoo! Movies that he wouldn't do this movie without you.

At a rare personal appearance for the director at an advance screening in Los Angeles, Emmerich spoke fondly of his blockbuster, in endearing terms. White House Down, he said to a packed house of reviewers at The Landmark Theater, "is my baby. I want to ask you to be very careful with my baby. It's really my baby. I'm very proud of this baby and I hope that you enjoy it."

But Chan if you need any more consoling about how your being hot negatively affects others, let us know. We'll find a way to console you.

White House Down opens June 28.

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