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Queen Elizabeth Disapproves of Kate Middleton Doing a Vogue Cover

As fall approaches, so does Oscar season. For the publishing industry, this means we can expect a slew of Academy Award-hopefuls gracing the covers of upcoming issues of every women's monthly. Any celebrity in a film with even the slightest Oscar-buzz is about to kick their press presence into high gear. Yet there is one notable, elusive woman that remains the ultimate get. Looming over any Hollywood heavyweights, Princess Katherine is the ultimate prize right now in the magazine business. Rumors (of course from a bevy of unnamed "inside" sources) have noted that Anna Wintour is definitely wooing the newly-crowned royal for a cover scoop. But Vogue's British edition is also vying desperately for Kate, in hopes that she would choose to give the exclusive to a native publication. Either way, its certain that the Duchess of Cambridge is a hot commodity right now. She's slim, beautiful, stylish and married to the future King of England, for God's sake.

While she's kept mum on the situation, leaving reporters to endlessly speculate who will score Middleton first, there seems to be a a roadblock standing in the way. Again some nameless informant -- who apparently just hangs around the Royal Palace all day, picks up on gossip and then delivers it straight to E! -- is saying that Queen Elizabeth is poo-pooing the idea of Kate plastering her face on the cover of a fashion glossy. E! Online's secret royal spy said that Her Majesty, "would definitely not be amused," by any glamour-puss behavior on Kate's part. Middleton, meanwhile, doesn't seem like one for rules and formalities. She and William were constantly touted as a "modern" couple during the media-frenzy that surrounded their wedding ceremony. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Wintour has scored some high-profile covers in the past -- including Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey -- so it seems like she should be able to work something out. Who's persuasive prowress will win out -- the powerful Vogue editor or the Queen of England -- is yet to be seen.

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