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Cartoon Couture

Who knew that some of our favorite painted ladies (not prostitutes, but characters who are actually painted) were fans of high fashion. For the most part, comic characters aren't too obsessed with fashion, but MTVpoints out that perhaps they were just ahead of their time. Looks like some of our favorite illustrated friends wear some fancy duds. Take the sullen and cynical Jane Lane from Daria -- while the show played from 1997 - 2002, the grungy, alterna-chick seems to have inspired the designers at Balmain -- though we're sure the French label's duds cost oodles more than Jane's ensembles, which we imagine were found at local thrift stores.

MTV has a few other examples of cartoons wearing suspiciously high-end clothing which includes Sunni Gummi and Archer's vampy Lana Kane (in a Gucci-esque outfit -- work it, girl). But not all animated heros and heroines can be both style and substance -- we can think of plenty of sketched illustrated protagonists who, in terms of fashion, need to go back to the drawing board.

photo courtesy of MTV

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