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The Oldest Trick in the Book: Does the Math

So, in our daily perusal of our favorite fashion blogs, we came across this post on that attempts to play a little game we like to call "how the hell can I justify spending this much money on one thing?" It's an old fave of ours. Basically, the way it goes is you take the total you spend on some exorbitant article of clothing and you divide it by the supposed number of times you will likely wear said piece, and then you come up with a much more palatable 'price per wear'. So, for example, let's say you happen to purchase a pair of adorable Rachel Comey lace-up boots and they just so happen to cost $394.00. That's a lot of money, yeah?

Well, let's say over the course of two winters, you wear them about 120 times. Think about it, folks, you'd expect to have boots like these at least two winter seasons, right? And you'd wear them a few times a week? 120 times is not a stretch, by any means. Well guess what? That leaves the boots costing just about $3.28 per wear. The girls over at Shefinds do this trick on a regular basis, but it's always been a helpful little trick to play on ourselves when we get a premeditated case of buyer's remorse. So if you're ever having trouble forking over a big chunk of change for just one item, make sure you think about how much it will cost you on a 'per wear' basis, and it may be a lot easier to swallow. But don't come crying to us if you max out your credit card. That's a whole 'nother issue we have no wise words for.

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